Eutel can collect the following “personal data” (meaning data that can be traced to individual natural persons):

1. User Data

When you sign up as a customer, Eutel may ask you to provide any or all of the following data: 

  • your name, address, and current telephone numbers
  • your ID or passport number, and date of birth
  • your email address
  • your bank account number and employment details

When you sign up as a customer, Eutel may ask you to provide any or all of the following data: 

  • a password and
  • username

2. Traffic Data

Eutel stores and processes your information when you use your fixed or mobile telephone or use the internet via our infrastructure network. This information is referred to as traffic data meaning data related to for example the time and duration of the use of a connection, the called number, surfing behavior on the Internet, or your IP address.


Eutel uses and processes the above-mentioned personal data in the following ways:

  • Service
    To deliver service(s) you signed up for, to suggest location-based services, to respond to complaints, to work on and solve outages, and to provide a telephone directory.
  • Administration
    To verify your identity and creditworthiness, to invoice you for services and products, and to perform collection duties.
  • Legal obligations

To adhere to the requirements imposed by the operating license Eutel has, and to adhere to the law in general (e.g. in case of a criminal investigation). 


Eutel processes your personal data in accordance with the applicable law and regulations. Your personal data will not be kept longer than required and/or permitted by law or necessary for purposes as mentioned above. 

Eutel takes all appropriate measures to make sure that your personal data is secure.
Please be aware that when you install third-party software on your device(s), you may give your consent for the third party to access certain information you have stored on your device and you may also give your consent for the said third party to access information stored on the Eutel network. It is important to note that the manner in which mentioned third-parties uses, shares or discloses this information is governed by their terms and conditions and their own privacy policy.  

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