2015 ” Selfies” of St. Eustatius Calendar
Eutel has launch “Eutel Selfies” Campaign where residents of Statia will get the opportunity to participate in:

A. A photo competition where they’ll be able to submit photos by and of themselves.

B. Vote for the 12 “Selfies “who gives the best representation of telecommunication technology on the whole per month.

C. Feature their photo in the Eutel 2015 Selfies of St. Eustatius Calendar by the month they make birthday.

Together these 12 photos will be featured in Eutel 2015 Selfies of St. Eustatius calendar that will be handed out to all their clients during the month of December 2014 as a token of appreciation during the festive holidays.

It is Eutel mission not to only exemplify itself as St. Eustatius ‘ premiere Telecommunications provider but as the link that connects to its people of St. Eustatius to one another. At the purchase of a $5, – (6) hour WiFi card all interested participants can register for the competition and submit (1) Selfie photo of themselves to

Deadline to participate or to submit your Selfie will be July 1st 2014. By August 1st all submitted Selfies will be made public for votes. (Procedures will be announce timely).

All Selfie participants will receive a nice token of appreciation for participating.
Winning participants will be featured in our 2015 ” Selfies” of St. Eustatius Calendar and on our website.

The 12 selected winning participants will receive a prize to remember.

The intention is to feature each winning participant in the 2015 “Selfies” of St. Eustatius Calendar by the actual month they make birthday.

(e.g.) on the Calendar for the month of January 2015 the selected candidate has to be actually making birthday in the month of January.

When advertising the participants for voting they will be advertised by the month they were born.